“Wanting to die, in a world bent on killing you, is not insane. It is agency.”

-Mary McDonough

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Massacre in Charleston, is mental illness to blame?

I fully disagree that mental illness had anything to do with Dylan Roof killing nine people in a Charleston church.

People want to write off this level of hatred and harm as some kind of ‘crazy’, but the scary and more realistic truth is that- this isn’t crazy…. This is the world we are in because this is what we are teaching and learning…. and those in a position to change the dialogue are often the ones who benefit from it being so skewed.

I struggle with this because I do have a mental illness….. If I were to hurt someone- my illness is in no way a reason.

I have been the victim of incredible abuses because of my illness- but never has it once been the topic of conversation unless someone is trying to explain away bad behaviour of others.

I think it is possible for others to cause significant harm without having a mental illness- because they are entrenched in ideologies that don;t recognize other bodies as human. This isn’t a sickness- it is ideas that are learned, trained, and taught….

I bet he would never attack white bodies in this way- which tells me he isn’t delusional or a sociopath with no empathy- he literally thinks he did right, not because of mental illness, but because of a world that often agree’s with him, through media, laws, policies, economics, etc…. Is every cop who kills a black person, mentally ill? Is every lynch mob member mentally ill? No…. It isn’t an illness to be ignorant, dangerous, and privileged.

He is dangerous in the way all people who hold privilege are dangerous- he thinks there are literal separations of humanity between white bodies and poc’s. He just took it to a deadly extreme that most people want to separate their personal bigotry from.

I think it is important to understand it isn’t a mental illness- cause it is everywhere. It isn’t abnormal either, but it is just written off as mental illness so people don;t have to look at their own complicity and the ways in which they have allowed this to happen.

The upside is- if this can be recognized, over time, it can be unlearned.

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Feminism vs. Egalitarianism…. Equality vs.Equity…. It’s all the same, right?

This reminds me of the analogy that says egalitarianism/feminism are like a race track…

Egalitarianism is a race track where all runners begin from the same, straight line….. Since all start from the same point, it is equal for all, right?….. (This is known as equality).

Feminism (or at least feminism that takes an Intersectional approach) is where one staggers the start line so that the distance between the start line and the finish line are the same for everyone…. (Known as equity).

An egalitarian would say that staggering the lines creates an unfair advantage cause some people are getting special treatment by having their start lines begin ahead of the others so it isn’t really equal and gives the ones towards the outside an unequal start…..

Technically, yes, the staggered start lines would create a situation where those on the margins (outside of the track) start ahead.

Logically though- this staggering allows the distance to be the same for all runners.

If one were to overlook this and have the same starting points in the name of equality, one would always be re-creating a disparity between the differences of start to finish for those on the margins (marginalized) than from those towards the centre (privileged).

Also, the idea of privilege is saying that the closer you are to the inside of the track- the less likely you are to notice the advantage of a straight line, because you benefit from it…. It has nothing to do with being bad or wrong and everything to do with how one experiences the world based on their placement on the track (positionality).

But you may be thinking, “I have a friend who always wins and they start on the outside on a straight line, so saying they need an extra lead is treating them like a victim!!!”

Yes- I am sure you have a friend who races on the outside and still manages to win all the time. That has to do with talent.

Imagine how much harder this friend has had to work to beat the person on the inside of the track- of course it can be done- but the point is it is way less likely.

The people who fight for access to those staggered lines don;t think those on the margins are ‘victims’- they are people who can measure the distance between start to finish and see that without staggering the lines- the ones on the outside will always have further to run in the same race.

That’s it. That simple.

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On the topic of vegans who push their views on others….

If a vegan pushes their ideals on anyone else- It automatically is a colonialist action.

White people destroyed land, communities, language, history, and identities through extreme violence. They then made their priorities important while trampling the rights of others.

They did not respect animal husbandry practices of indigenous people.

Now privileged asshats are guilting others for eating meat when they have zero care about indigenous, poor, poc, trans, queer, or disabled bodies.

If you don’t want to eat animal products- great. That means you are in a position of PRIVILEGE to do so.

But, forcing this view on others is bullshit. It is oppressive. It is heinous. And it negates the history of people who’s land has been stolen through violence and cultural genocide.

“Non-veganism” is a survival for tons of folx.

Expecting others to become vegan overlooks their possible cultural heritage, financial situation, and ability. Caring more about veganism than these issues is fucking wrong. And since there are so many people that are treated as less than human only to have ‘animal rights’ thrown in their face, when their lives and livelihood are in constant jeopardy, is beyond fucking cruel.

Just stop.

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Every breath you take is an act of defiance. Keep Breathing.


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Every breath you take is an act of defiance.

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