About this blog

“I saw a dandelion lose its mind in the wind.” -Andrea Gibson

This blog is a place for me to record my musings and get used to sharing my thoughts with others.

I will be addressing any and all issues that effect my life and the lives of others from an intersectional feminist standpoint.

I originally titled this blog More Crazy Glue than Porcelain based of a line in a poem I wrote, but have since changed it to Dandelion Crazy.

I have always had an infinity for dandelions. They are so useful and colourful, but are often cast off as a weed that smothers other flowers. I believe our world is great at silencing pain and casting those who are marginalized even further among the frays of society to avoid feeling discomfort… I think dandelions make other flowers feel this discomfort as they resist extermination. Dandelion roots run deep, but are often hacked at, gassed, and destroyed to prevent growth.

Why Dandelion Crazy? As someone with PTSD, I often feel like I am losing my mind whenever things change around me, rather than within me. Like a dandelion that loses its mind to the wind, I tend to go ‘crazy’ when things trigger me.  I often fall apart due to environmental factors beyond my control…. I tend to have pieces of me scatter, only to find myself starting again when the climate changes.

I will do my best to post proper trigger warnings as I will be talking about some very heavy topics.

I hope you find something you need here.


-Reclaimingkatie ❤


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