About me


So I am a 20-something, women studies and social justice studies student.

I believe in intersectionality with every fiber of my being. That means that I am not a “white feminist” ass-hat who only cares about white women’s issues.

I am in the process of writing a book and figured this was a good way to get used to having the public read my musings on everything from sexualized violence, to disability rights, to ‘isms’.

I will also try to use this blog as a place to amplify marginalized voices.

I find that we are consistently taught to embody our abjection and ignore our privilege- I want to defy this.

I am not perfect, I am well aware I will make mistakes- unconditioning oneself from our kyriarchral upbringings is a lifelong commitment. If I make a mistake and you feel comfortable to do so- please call me out.

I am all for ‘foul’ language and you will see a lot of “f”bombs dropped here…. I do not believe swearing is offensive, I believe racism, sexism, ableism, and the like are offensive.

I have many areas of both privilege and disadvantage and because of that- my topics and my authority on such topics can vary greatly.

I identify as a asexual genderqueer. I am a person with a few “hidden” disabilities (both physical and mental). I am fat. I am (and always have) lived below the poverty line. I struggle on a day to day basis not to write a massive letter about whats wrong with the system and then self-immolate on Parliament steps…. Today is a good day.

I am educated, white, and pass as fully able-bodied and cis. I also have the privilege to live in a  developed country- although it has a horrific history of genocide and environmental injustices. Instead of Canadian, I prefer to identify as a white-settler on unceded territory. This means I acknowledge that this land (Turtle Island aka North America) was stolen from indigenous peoples through extreme violence and politics of erasure and that the violence and erasure still continues today.

I am sure there is much more about me to share- but I will save it for the blog posts 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Reclaimingkatie ❤



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