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“When you know what’s wrong with the world, sometimes you can also be what’s wrong with the world.” -Angel Haze Advertisements

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In Response to the article “Is it time to stop reading books from white men?”

As a white person, I know I hold a very strong platform for being heard. I would hope that as I work on this blog I am heard for the things I discuss around sexuality, class, ability, and other identities … Continue reading

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On language

The english language is full of euphemisms about the conditions of our lived reality. These euphemisms in and of themselves are a form of violence. To label this society as terroristic to marginalized bodies gets you labeled a radical, not … Continue reading

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“I’m not a person who relaxes; I collapse.” – Octavia Etcetera Stremple

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I was homeless at 18 during my first year of college (not to mention some of my teen years during high school)… It made it incredibly difficult to function and attend classes. I ended up dropping out for a year … Continue reading

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“There is danger in telling a single story” – Chimamanda Adichie

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