Intersectionality Definition


When examining the dichotomy between the ‘oppressor’ and the ‘oppressed’ it is important to examine the ways in which each person can embody both power and abjection, depending on their location within certain socially constructed categories. The concept behind intersectionality explores how a person’s identity is shaped by the meeting and overlapping of areas of privilege and marginalization. Intersectionality debunks the idea that oppression or privilege is a one-size fits all; allowing for others to look at their varying impact in the world around them based on their positionality on a multitude of identity formations.

For instance, intersectionality would examine how disability functions differently depending on a person’s race, class, sex, gender, sexuality, etc.


About Reclaimingkatie

I have no idea how to begin my story. All I know is that it is far from over. My story isn’t an inspiration and my life is not courageous. I just existed the best I could. It was only recently that I even grew to know my memories are real. I know now that I am not crazy. I did not invent my pain; however, most people who meet me will always believe otherwise. I don’t need anyone else to tell me who I am now. I once heard, "you cannot escape a prison if you can't see the bars".... I now see the social constructions that have shaped my life and will do my best to dismantle them. This is me- deconstructing the contamination of innocence.
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