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Note to a troll….

I love the energy you use to thrust your bullshit down my throat. Newsflash: I don’t swallow 😉 Advertisements

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Police Motto

Instead of “To Serve and Protect”- the police motto should be: Easier to give cash than change.

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The Reality of (UNINTENTIONALLY) Passing For A Socially Accepted Identity That I Do Not Own…

*This post isn’t about pitting those who pass, and those who don’t, against each other. For without an intersectional approach- we have gained nothing.* Firstly, I want to acknowledge that in a world that continually disenfranchises and marginalizes people based on … Continue reading

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Intersectionality Definition

Intersectionality: When examining the dichotomy between the ‘oppressor’ and the ‘oppressed’ it is important to examine the ways in which each person can embody both power and abjection, depending on their location within certain socially constructed categories. The concept behind … Continue reading

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Response to discussion around “I didn’t report because fuck you”.

Okay, so I came across an article called, “I didn’t report because Fuck You”. It is a great article on why reporting a sexual assault is never the responsibility of the person who was assaulted. Since this post, a … Continue reading

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If you think the only reason you are better off than some is because you worked hard to get to where you are: Get off your high horse and fucking educate yourself.

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So I have decided to start my own blog- after being inspired by so many others. Please bear with me as I create the comment policy section and get my feel for this site. ❤ Reclaimingkatie

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